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Session Descriptions

Wednesday October 11, 1:00p - Mission I'm Possible

You Deserve an Upgrade - Leadership Wellness

Sheila Roames, CCE, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions

Evidence shows the positive effects of self-care and the amazing long-term effects. Professional self-care is important whether you’re a “crew of one” or a part of a large team. Leader self-care has been proposed as “the foundation of health-promoting leadership.” Activating self-care and promoting a positive mindset can provide a supportive network/culture within departments and companies that will make a difference that can last a lifetime.

Participants will learn:

  • How to improve and implement a self-care regimen that will help not only improve themselves but those around them.

  • How to improve their leadership skills and methods simply by applying self-care techniques starting with themselves.

  • How improved leadership skills promote better relationships with internal and external customers.


Wednesday October 11, 2:15p - Mission I'm Possible

12 Financial Wellness Actions

Allyn Shaw, CFP, CRPS, AIF

Having a solid personal financial situation is important to living a happy and stress-managed life. Allyn Shaw will share with you 12 key financial actions you can, and should be, taking to find some direction for your personal finances. We will discuss Budgeting, Savings, Investing, Retirement Planning, and Taxes, to name a few. 


Wednesday October 11, 3:30p - Mission I'm Possible

Self Care

DeAnna Leahy, CCE, Clyde Companies

Everyone is feeling stressed and sometimes overwhelmed. Anxiety and depression are at epidemic levels. Self-care is part of the answer to how we can all better cope with daily stressors. In this session, learn simple ways to take care of yourself emotionally and physically.

This session is designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and practices necessary to prioritize your well-being. Learn various dimensions of self-care that help you to cultivate a holistic approach to nurturing your mind, body, and soul.


Wednesday October 11, 4:00p - Mission I'm Possible

Yoga Sound Bath

DeAnna Leahy, CCE - Certified Yoga Instructor

Experience the profound world of Sound Healing. Immerse yourself in a tranquil space surrounded by comforting sounds. Through the enchanting sounds of instruments like sound bowls, gongs, and tuning forks, you'll embark on a transformative journey. Relax into the healing vibrations that penetrate your being, promoting balance, release, and rejuvenation.

This session will guide you into a meditative state where you will be bathed in sounds to help you relax, let go of your worries, and sink into a deep serene experience. DeAnna Leahy is an expert level certified sound healer. Yoga Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Yoga Nidra certified. 

* Optional: you may bring a yoga mat or blanket if you are comfortable on the floor, otherwise chairs will be provided.


Thursday October 12, 8:30a

Opening General Session:  Leadership is a Choice

Kevin Alexander, MBA

“This session is focused on the "choice" of being a leader. You can change your organization and your life by learning to be a leader, and more specifically get yourself out of drama and negative energy.” 


One way to live leadership every day is by taking the drama out of your life. Let’s be realistic, though. We can’t completely eliminate all the drama in life, but what we can do is get to a point where we recognize drama, dip our toe in it, and then remove ourselves from the Drama Triangle, and get our friends and family members out also!


Thursday October 12, 10:15a

Economic Update

Robert Spendlove, Senior VP, Economic and Public Policy Officer for Zions Bank

Robert Spendlove conveys his vast knowledge of economic conditions on local and regional levels with exuberance and wit. He has the ability to make the economy understandable for those of us who are not Economics majors.


Thursday October 12, 10:15a

Credit Applications and Terms and Conditions:
Best Practices to Put Your Company in the Best Position

Jason Torf, Esq.

Your rights and remedies are only as good as those you include in your deal documents. Too often, companies have difficulty collecting from financially troubled customers or enforcing rights due to a failure to obtain key information from customers and to include important terms and conditions at the front-end of the relationship. The best way to protect your company is to ensure that you have a good set of forms and terms and conditions. In this session, our presenter will discuss how to maximize collectability by obtaining key information from your customer on their credit application. This session will also cover key terms and conditions to include in your documents and maximizing enforceability of your terms and conditions.


Thursday October 12, 10:15a

Your Competitive Advantage: Creating and Maintaining a High-Performance Culture

Win Jeanfreau, MBA

  • Why does leadership matter?

  • How does leadership impact culture and outcomes?

  • How’s the emotional weather at work?


As an entrepreneur who started twelve companies (and sold eight,) Jeanfreau knows the perils of starting and running a business; the financial pressure, the operational nightmares, and the ruthless competitors. Rather than parroting disingenuous platitudes, Jeanfreau is driven to provide essential information and applicable tools that get to the heart of the complicated issues businesses face – and he has the experience and vision to back it up.


Thursday October 12, 1:15p

Antitrust Compliance: What the Credit Executive Needs to Know

Wanda Borges, Esq.

Antitrust laws play a pivotal role in ensuring fair competition in the marketplace and preventing monopolistic practices. Unintentional violations of laws such as the Robinson-Patman Act or the Sherman Antitrust Act can lead to costly investigation, lawsuits, enforcement actions, and ultimately - expensive penalties including prison for individuals and business leaders involved. 

Always mindful that "credit terms equals price", this program will enable the credit executive to gain a foundational understanding of antitrust laws and their significance in maintaining a competitive business environment. The prohibition of price discrimination under the Robinson-Patman Act as well as the "Meeting Competition" defense to such a claim will be discussed. The credit executive will be able to explore strategies for companies to legally compete and match prices while staying within the legal boundaries of Robinson-Patman. Discussion will be had as to the issues that surround creditors when their customers want them to relax their terms, or when determining the allowable extension of discounts, rebates, and allowances to customers. 

This program also will delve into the anti-collusion provisions of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Whether extending credit from your desk or exchanging credit information with your colleagues at a credit group meeting, one must understand the benefits and risks associated with exchange of credit information and participation in the trade credit group meetings. Statements made within or without the meeting can be collusive. Defamatory statements can open the door to collusive discussions and ruin the reputations of innocent customers as well as the company making those statements. An understanding of these antitrust laws is crucial for compliance and safeguarding your business from legal challenges. 


Thursday October 12, 1:15p

National Trade Credit Report (NTCR) Featured Reports and Website Updates

Gina Calabrese Sylvester, CMP, CGA, VP NACM Tampa

The NTCR and NACM share a common vision: empower credit professionals with information and tools that lead them to success in their credit decisioning and credit management roles. By leveraging data contributed by members for members, the NTCR brings fresh, targeted, relevant data to users of each report. NTCR tools help drive efficiency and support credit success. We focus on the re-imagined Insight Report along with other featured reports exclusively available to NACM members. * The member dashboard has been upgraded and, together we will navigate the website and focus on trade group meetings, credit reports, collections, and other services. (*All services may not be available through your local NACM affiliate.)


Thursday October 12, 1:15p

Best Practices for Doing Business with a Financially Troubled Customer in Bankruptcy

Jason Torf, Esq.

This session will take a deep dive into best practices for dealing with a financially distressed customer in bankruptcy. In this session, you will learn practical strategies to walk the tightrope between continuing to do business with a customer in bankruptcy while taking steps to protect your company. You will learn the impact of debtor-in-possession financing on a vendor’s ability to get paid and different types of credit enhancements that can be effective to enable vendors to continue the business relationship while hedging against unnecessary risk. You will also learn in greater depth about different types of priority claims and negotiating strategies that might help to elevate your company’s status as a creditor in its customer’s bankruptcy as a means to maximize recovery.


Thursday October 12, 4p

Here Comes the Judge: Turn that White Paper (Judgements) into Green (Dollars)

Ellen Wodiuk, CCE, ICCE

  • Your customer didn’t pay you!

  • You pursued collection and obtained a judgment!



A judgment becomes a new Avenue for collections. However. obtaining and collecting are two very different things. Getting that Judgment to turn from White to Green requires proficiency, time, and patience. Join us for a discussion as you explore that Avenue to turn that white paper into GREEN!


Thursday October 12, 4p

Using UCC Filings and Mechanics' Liens to Minimize Risk

Jerry Bailey, NCS Credit

Being a secured creditor gives you a greater priority for payment by your customer and the bankruptcy court.

Businesses prioritize how, when and which vendors are paid and typically pay secured creditors ahead of unsecured creditors. But why? In this session, we will review how you, as a trade creditor, can use secured transactions to ensure you are a payment priority for your customers, and the legal protections available should your customer default or file for bankruptcy protection.

Key Takeaways:

  • The benefits of being a secured creditor, especially in this uncertain economy.

  • The necessary elements of a secured transaction and what to do in the event of customer default or bankruptcy.

  • Overcoming objections to UCC filings and preliminary notices.

  • What to do in the event of customer default or bankruptcy.


Thursday October 12, 4p

The Art of Espionage: Collections in the Social Media Age!

Shane Norman, CCE, Handle

Have you ever imagined being the tech person sitting in the surveillance van guiding a secret agent into a building to thwart a terrorist plot? Well, you should be a credit professional is a lot like that--hopefully without the fiery crashes and explosions. Let's talk about the art of legal espionage and how to better investigate the 5C's with so much more information at our fingertips like social media and other resources and how best to use them to protect our AR!


Friday October 13, 8:30a

Own Your Mindset

Jamie Utley, Ally Business Consulting

In this session, we are going to learn the power of seizing personal ownership, and the ability to create the state of mind that empowers positive interaction with yourself and others. 


Why this mindset matters: 

A common challenge people sometimes have is they live in their default patterns. A default pattern is the patterns that we pick up from growing up, from past relationships, and impactful past experiences. Just doing what we do without conscious thought and some of these patterns work great! And, some don't work very well at all and are creating results that don't work for us. When the patterns that don't work for us are unrecognized and unaddressed it causes us to live in unnecessary effort, burden, and struggle. In this session, you will learn how to create effective working patterns that result in an ability to move through life with more peace, more joy, and more ease. 


Key takeaways:

  • How to take accountability for how you experience the events in your life. 

  • Recognizing that accountability equals power, not shame.

  • The 5 Vital Steps to Results.

  • How self-fulfilling prophecies work and how they are playing out in your life.

  • Powerful state-changing activities that will quickly alter your experience. 

  • An experience to go beyond theory and into real lasting change.


Join us for a fun-filled, high-energy experience that will upshift your patterns out of effort, burden, and struggle, and INTO a life of peace, joy, and ease.


Friday October 13, 8:30a

Creative Collateral

Jason Robinson, Esq.

Sometimes it takes more than good credit practices to collect your money, you’ve got to get creative! In this session, you will learn about various types of collateral and creative ways to use collateral to secure payment.


Friday October 13, 8:30a

Unintentional Bias-How Unconscious Biases Affect Everyday Decisions

D’Ann Johnson, CCE, A-Core Concrete Cutting, Inc.

Unintentional biases may indirectly or subconsciously influence decisions, both personally and professionally. A well-rounded credit person can become more inclusive and learn to circumvent biases regarding credit applications, extended credit limits; job interviews, performance reviews; dealing with team members, and much more.


The learning objectives for this session are:

  • Understand what unintentional bias is – where it comes from.             

  • Recognize areas where unintentional bias may be affecting daily decisions

  • Adapt best practices to ensure bias doesn’t affect decisions.


Friday October 13, 10:15 a

Closing General Session:  Moving at the Speed of Trust

Aaron Starks

More info coming soon

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