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Session Descriptions

Opening General Session: Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positivity, Bigger Action and Better Results

Summer Jelinek, Blaze Your Brain

Blaze Your Brain: Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positivity, Bigger Action, and Better Results

To keep up with the evolving world around you, you can’t keep thinking the same way you’ve always thought. In this presentation, explore the mindset that keeps you from embracing change and better leading. You have 60,000 thoughts a day, and research shows 80% are negative. With uncertainty, the unknown, and change thrust upon you, these thoughts come in the form of doubt, worry, and stress and are linked to a poor attitude, an increase in errors, and declining interaction. The right mindset, however, will help you communicate more effectively, solve problems faster, and improve team engagement. You'll discover the five-step process to identify your exact negative thoughts and turn them into actions that will change how you work, lead, and live. 

Participants will:


  • Identify and correct negative stories you tell yourself to enhance productivity, engagement, and leadership

  • Apply the #1 way to disrupt your thought process to eliminate bad habits and improve critical thinking and team dynamic

  • Turn a reactive mindset into a problem solving one, increasing adaptability, mood, and decision-making skills

Closing Speaker: What Would Jimmy Buffett Do?

 Lee Silber, Speak Inc

The answer to the question; “What would Jimmy Buffett do?” will surprise you. There’s a lot we can learn from Jimmy Buffett that applies to what NACM members do. We’ll look at the Jimmy Buffett many don’t see or know, the driven artist and entrepreneur who turned one hit song (Margaritaville) into a business empire. This entertaining and engaging presentation includes business and life lessons that we can use in our own business, careers, and life to achieve our own goals.


This is an interactive and fun closing keynote that includes practical advice, important points, and an overall message that will make a difference. This includes finding ways to bring joy to your job, creating a personal brand that makes you stand out, developing a large and loyal following of fans who love what you do, focusing on your strengths and making them work for you, building your business, career, and confidence by stacking small wins, and the power of having goals and a vision that is excites you and others.


Lee Silber embodies the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle as an author, musician, presenter, entrepreneur, and surfer who lives on the beach just a few blocks from the conference hotel. Jimmy Buffett spends a lot of time in San Diego and Lee Silber (thanks to a mutual friend) has been able to interview Mr. Margaritaville and spend time with the Coral Reefer Band.

Doing Business in Mexico

Romelio Hernandez, President, HMH Legal

The objectives for this session will be: 

  1. To identify key information that credit professionals should consider for evaluating your prospect buyer for trade credit in Mexico, which allows for building a proper due diligence strategy.

  2. To learn out about the newest available databases where this key information can be obtained for free online, or for a low cost through available service providers or professionals.

  3. Learn about security devices as well as the latest legal developments in Mexico that allow for strategic and creative legal tools which have a direct positive impact on creditors, in their dealings with debtors. 

  4. To create and implement a game plan for exporters to follow when offering trade credit to customers in Mexican, to properly secure sales through key documentation that allows strong and agile actions for debt collection.

Job Information and the Infrastructure Bill

Chris Ring, NACM Secured Transactions

As infrastructure projects are commencing, it’s important to understand what job information you’ll need to gather to mitigate risks on these projects. Many infrastructure projects will not have a physical address, but rather a description of where the work will take place (roads, highways, freeways, bridges, etc.). Confirming the scope of work on these types of projects is critical and we’ll cover how best to obtain that information. Also, it is certain that a fair amount of these infrastructure projects will be funded via a Public/Private/Partnership (P3). That means that the property is privately owned and private investment will fund the project. Some states require that the general contractor post a payment bond for these projects, other states don’t. All federal projects covered by the Federal Miller Act do not require the General Contractor to post a payment bond for Federal P3 projects.  We’ll cover these and many other topics related to infrastructure projects during this session.

Luncheon w/ Speaker: The New Old World of Finance Operations

Chris Rios, Vice President, Finance Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet

With all of the emphasis on automating Finance Operations, most notably credit and collections, some of the foundational aspects of the discipline risk being understated and overlooked. Given Chris’ 20 years of experience in Finance Operations he intends to share best practices and offer a path to automation and operational efficiency by remaining grounded in the foundational fundamentals of credit and receivables management. Through his own experiences as well as interactions with peers and customers, Chris will bring together the tried and tested best practices of the “Old World” with the new and exciting technological advances being made in Receivables Management in the “New World”. Please join us for an interactive and informative session.

NACM Trade Credit Report - Enhancements and Updates

Gina Calabrese Sylvester, Executive Vice President, NACM Tampa

The NTCR and NACM share a common vision: empower credit professionals with information and tools that lead them to success in their credit decisioning and credit management roles. By leveraging data contributed by members for members, the NTCR brings fresh, targeted, relevant data to users of each report. NTCR tools help drive efficiency and support credit success:   We will take a stroll through the newly re-designed website and discuss how to utilize the Insight2 and Insight3 Reports in your decision-making process.   We will discover different ways to use the Portfolio Risk Analysis to your advantage and how to target low and high-risk customers.   Your participating NACM Affiliate is your one-stop-shop for all of your credit needs – join us to hear why we are your best-trusted partner! 

Managing International Trade Credit Risks in 2022

James Tiarks, Managing Director, Meridian Finance Group

An interactive session about global credit management in the “new normal”

The discussion will cover:

•    Today's longer credit terms and slower payments 
•    Why and how to re-evaluate foreign customers’ creditworthiness 
•    Macroeconomic factors that mask underlying customer credit issues
•    Tools, techniques, and best practices for international credit management
•    How credit managers are using A/R insurance to meet these challenges

Proactively Protecting Your Companies Accounts Receivable

Wanda Borges, Principal Member, Borges & Associates LLC

During the pandemic, many credit executives learned firsthand how important it has become to be proactive in protecting their company’s accounts receivable even before they become due.  As companies have emerged from the pandemic and reopened their businesses, trade credit grantors are being asked to extend credit with larger dollar exposures.  Utilizing the tools available to you can safeguard your company from a bad debt exposure in the future.  This program will discuss how to determine which tool is the best option for your company and how to properly document that choice once you have decided.  

The tools which will be discussed are:
•     General Security Interests
•     Purchase Money Security Interests
•     Consignments
•     Personal Guaranties
•     Cross-Corporate Guaranties
•     Letters of Credit

Supplier’s Guide to Surviving the Construction Industry in 2022 and Beyond

Christopher E Ng, Managing Partner, Gibbs Giden Locher Turner Senet & Wittbrodt, LLP

With mixed economic news and the possibility of looming recession, this session will give the credit professional tips and tricks to survive in the intricate world of construction industry credit. Topics will include: Bulletproofing Credit Applications and Agreements; Ensuring Your Terms and Conditions Control Every Transaction; Navigating Payment Issues; Avoiding the web of DBE Fraud; Restructuring Debt and Securing Repayment Plans; The Fable of the “Secured” Account; Enhancing Prelawsuit Collection Efforts; Dealing with the Insolvent Customer and Bankruptcy (strategies in how to avoid preference claims, squeezing "blood from a turnip", and basic bankruptcy law; and How to Efficiently and Effectively Utilize Your Attorney.

Understanding a Small Business Reorganization Under New Subchapter V of the Bankruptcy Code

Jason Torf, Partner, Tucker Ellis LLP

New Subchapter V was added to the Bankruptcy Code in 2020 to create a more efficient and economical process for small business debtors to reorganize.  But the benefits to a subchapter V debtor come at a cost to trade creditors.  While subchapter V makes it easier for small business debtors, it also impacts the rights that creditors have versus a traditional chapter 11.  In this session, our presenter will explain and analyze various aspects of the new subchapter V, including:

  • Eligibility requirements for a debtor to qualify for subchapter V versus a traditional chapter 11

  • Differences from a traditional chapter 11

    • What happens to creditors’ committees?

    • Who can propose a plan?

    • What type of plan can be proposed?

    • Can the debtor’s principals retain their equity without putting in new money and without paying creditors in full?  

  • Why this matters to you – the impact of subchapter V on trade creditors

  • How has subchapter V worked out so far

After attending this session, you will have a solid understanding of the impact that a customer’s subchapter V bankruptcy filing will have on your company.

How to Implement a Digital Payment Acceptance Strategy

Mark Tapia, Vice President  of Business Development, United TranzActions

Online Digital payments soared during the pandemic and are here to stay!! 
The move to more robust digital payment methods was certainly happening well before the pandemic. However, as physical locations closed and consumers were forced to buy and pay bills online, contactless payments increased dramatically. United Tranzactions is redefining the digital payment landscape by offering several highly flexible online payment acceptance options for your business without the need for technical resources or knowledge.

This webinar will focus on the technical and operational aspects of accepting online payments.


The topics discussed in this session includes:
•    Fraud prevention and risk management
•    Reduction of compliance scope
•    Complexity of implementing an online solution
•    How to automate the cash application process
•    Integration options

Generational Differences in the Workplace

Diana Crowe

Today’s workforce has the potential to be comprised of employees from ages 18 to 81 – that's five generations working side by side! Understanding the different generations and finding ways to effectively communicate and work together is critical to the long-term success of any company. In this session, we’ll focus on gaining an understanding of each generation (the who, what, when, and why of their behaviors), and how we can find common ground to build a positive work environment for everyone! 

The Necessity of Networking

Diana Crowe

Like it or not, networking is a critical component on our road to success.  But it can be very challenging to know the best way to make those important connections and develop relationships that enrich us both personally and professionally. Join us as we review some of the common obstacles to effective networking and share tips, tricks, and tools to help you make the most of those networking opportunities.

Chasing Relevance

Dan Negroni

Attorney and Author, Dan Negroni, We need to turn the Great Resignation into the Great Reconnection:  Keeping our front line managers  “people” focused, engaged, interested and empowered on growth and development for themselves and the next generation employee base ( millennials/Gen Z’s and the worker of the future) is critical.  We need to actually move from Boss to Coach.

In today’s world over 48% of your people want to quit their job and find new work!  We are all inherently disconnected and disengaged with remote work, pandemic repercussions, and the challenges navigating guidance for new talent in the workplace.  Our workforce is at a loss for understanding the different perspectives and don’t know who to trust and are dying for a deeper and more meaningful connection.  It’s Personal!  We need to connect and guide all of our talent because People Matter.  Learn how to create a new People Matter Mindset and the Hacks on how to move from Boss to Coach.

Active Shooter Survival Education and Response Training (ASSERT)

Sergeant Sheldon King 

The UC San Diego Police Department’s ASSERT training prepares and empowers individuals to react to a critical incident, such as an active shooter. This training raises awareness and provides valuable skills needed to respond to critical incidents before law enforcement or other first responders arrive.
Although these events are unpredictable, the concepts and techniques taught can better prepare you to react when a critical incident occurs.

Cyber Fraud and other Attacks:  How Easily They Can Happen and What You Can do to Prevent Them from Happening!

Wanda Borges; Brett Hanft, CBA; Mark Teeter, CCE CICP

Business fraud has become entirely too prevalent in our current business environment. Cyberfraud has become rampant and destructive. The three panelist for this session will share recent experiences to demonstrate how easily cyber fraud can impact your business, the dramatic and often tedious process to recover from a cyber fraud event, ‘key learnings’ and valuable legal insight to help you become proactive and better prepared if you are the target of a cyber fraud attack. Join us for this timely, insightful, and informative session.

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